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HAPPY MOMMY, 10/18/22 We live in a very cold part of CANADA and this cover allows us to take a stroll with our baby in our beautiful streets despite the cold. Our baby is nice and warm with just a sweater on. Thank you so much! its a game changer

it really helps keep my grand daughter warm in this ohio weather!

Completely satisfied, January 12, 2022
Mom of 2
I purchased this item based on the previous reviews and I am completely satisfied. Used it a few days ago and my daughter was extremely warm (NYC). Thanks for all the reviews.

Life saver!, 
I was commmuting every day to work on the trains with my little baby starting when she was just 3 months old. For 30 minutes using blankets and flimsy rain covers. AWFUL. I went hunting for a heavy duty insulated stroller cover and I found this. Ordered it right away and we used the HECK out of this thing. What a life saver. Every single day, twice a day to and from daycare. Through WIND, rain, sleet, snow, snow storms. This thing made it possible for me to take my little baby out cover her with a little blanket and seal her into her little cacoon. Best purchase ever. DEFINITELY good for city moms!
CatWoman70 ,
New York, NY

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, September 22, 2021
 Megan A. Harris (Walla Walla, WA)
I love this product! It kept my little girl so warm when I would have to do a paper route in the middle of winter. It fit my huge stroller just fine! I would recommend this!

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE IT!!!, September 22, 2021
 Got this cover in the mail after a week! It was very fast shipping for me b/c we are overseas & I must admit that this thing is the best! It fits the stroller very well...& inside you have a very warm cloth material inside to where it will get warm in there..I have a Joovy stroller & it's fits over it very well..Not hard to get on or off...I love it!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, February 15, 2021
 J. E. Sullivan (Texas)
We live in Japan and it is quite windy which makes the winters that much colder. I felt horrible keeping our daughter all bundled up to the point she could not wee what was going on and believe me she let us know she didn't like it either!!! This stroller cover is durable ( it has survived 2 snow storms and a young toddler) in the last month or so... Another great thing is that you do not need to bundle your child in it if it is not too cold we do not even put a jacket on her in there. If you have a long/tall child you may want to also purchase one of the foot /leg covers that just slip over their clothes. Our 1 year old is tall for her age and her feet stick out the bottom of the cover so we just use a blanket but are thinking of getting the extra cover before next winter.

 awesome cover!, February 23, 2021

I purchased this cover to take to NY city a couple of years ago when my baby boy was little. It not just did the trick but it kept him so warm and cozy in there. It worked great to soundproof the surroundings and the dark cover is a genious idea. It made my trip to NY city much easier with a baby. Great quality. We are about to start using it with our second child this winter in Colorado and I'm sure it will deliver!

great buy!


Great cover - BOSTON, MA, January 11, 2021
We read a lot of the reviews for this product before buying it - some did not like the zipper quality ( 2009 covers).
I have to say that I am VERY pleased with this product! The zipper quality is heavy duty. I had no problems assembling it into my stroller, I was worried about fitting it in my single jogger stroller(from baby trend) but I was pleasantly surprised! Highly recommend to parents! If you live in areas where snows, rains or is windy this cover is a PLUS. Well worth the money for us!

5.0 out of 5 stars ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!, December 15, 2020

1st i would like to say i ordered on friday and recieved on monday really fast shipping. This stroller cover is GREAT. I have 3 children and my husband works the night shift and doesn't get out until 9am so i have to walk my kids a few blocks every morning to the school and my youngest is 9months old, this stroller cover kept him nice and warm in 16 degree weather I really couldn't believe it. I wouldn't want to be without it in winter really protects from harsh winds,rain.snow LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

5.0 out of 5 stars If you are a walker/runner year round this is a must!, December 7, 2020

I live in Western Pennsylvania and have a Rhodesian Ridgeback that I take daily on walks/runs. My son is a year and a half and loves his daily walks/runs as well. This is an expensive item, but if you walk or run daily it is well worth it. I did read the reviews and was a little nervous about the zippers. I do notice that my one zipper will get off track, but it is easily put back on track to keep my son shielded from the weather. My son also refuses to wear gloves. We went hiking this weekend with the temperature at 25 degrees and were out for over an hour. With no gloves his hands were still as warm as if he was sitting in the house. I also do not have to cover him with blankets. I bring the stroller in the house from the garage about a half hour before I'm ready to go hiking to warm it up a little and then I go. It comes with very little directions, but if you have common sense it is easy to put on your stroller.

I just got this item today and had to try it out as soon as I opened it up. I did not have any smell to mine as one other review stated. I was very happy with the quality of the material. The zippers worked great and seemed to be heavy duty. I did find it a bit difficult to snug it up on the bottom of the stroller and it was a very snug fit around the handle bars (we have the britax chaperone travel system). Once I got it on and bundled my little one up, I headed out the door. I kept reaching in to check and make sure the he was warm and he was. At one point I had to undo his thin bunting and take his hat off because he was so warm. He was very happy and comfy in it. He even fell asleep 10 minutes into our walk. I am vey happy with this product and would/will recommend to a friend. Infact I already have :)
What a great item, November 13, 2020


I bought this the last time it was offered & got it this week. Used it for the first time last night at my son's baseball game and it was awesome! It protected my daughter from the wind and blowing dust. She kicked her socks off, and her toes were still toasty warm! Even adults were jealous!
And the zipper cover provides easy access to your baby, without taking it all apart. I love it!
KSLYKER; March 24,2020


Great product!, 02/07/2020
By Chayes, Raleigh, NC
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 5 out of 5

Keeps baby very warm, I never have to worry any more. This is a must have for every parent!

5 out of 5  
Excellent Investment!, 12/28/2019
The name says it all "Warm As A Lamb". I relly recommend this product 100%++++.
By kalizmar, Brooklyn, New York

5.0 out of 5 stars Works in Alaska!

We have very long and cold winters here in Alaska, but this works like a gem! My two little ones are kept warm and snug and we are no longer confined to the house during winter. LOVE IT!
H. Baldwin, Jan 4, 2019

Great product!!!!!! Love it!!! Everyone must own one !!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best baby product that i have bought in a long time that saves you from your kids getting wet, cold and blown away outside!! I have twins and we go to out alot and this has saved me from many days of disaster!!!! I put the babies under this for trick or treating going to the mall.. Where ever we go this goes with us thebest means of keeping my babies healthy !!!!!! Love it you must buy one !!!!!

mom of three!!! "momof three" Nov 12, 2018


I I bought it for my daughter who has to walk 3-4 blocks to catch a bus 3 days a week with her 18 month old little boy. She said it was the best present I could have given her because it keeps my grandson snug and cozy in his stroller this winter, even in the below-zero temps that we've had this year.

Catherine L. Bjornoos "JZ's Grandma", Jan 12


this is a fantastic product. i bought the double version. my son will stay toasty warm and i won't be stuck inside all winter, again!!
mikeysmommy815, cleveland, oh

a product for joggers in winter,
THIS PRODUCT DOES FIT IN A JOGGER a very good one for winter, there some things i dont like about it like the zippers and windows...but it really works for winter! comfy for the baby and mom!

anonymous customer, albuquerque, nm, 12/2/19

wonderful product!
this product is so cute.and it really keeps the baby warm.its the best product i have ever seen
Fruity cakes, Merrick, NY 11/27/18

Ok, I'm not going to make this long.....Go Buy it!
It is great! The price is not bad and for those who think it is, trust me it is worth the money. This is an awesome product. I feel like I am doing something great for my son because not only do I not have to bundle him up so much, but he is still warm and it keeps th cold from blowing on him. You can try it. Before taking your child out of the stroller after a journey in the cold, reach your hand inside and feel their face...WARM! They stay warm! Please do your child a favor and invest in this, you won't regret it!

Sanisaj, Queens, NY

I would recommend this product to any new parent. I walk everyday for about an hour and this allows me to continue to do so even when the weather would like me to stay home. Rain and wind are no match, my son stays warm and dry.

As for the other review about the allergies, I had no problems. The plastic didn't smell very strongly when I took it out of the package and I don't recall smelling it at all the next day.

Their statement about this fitting all strollers, seems to be true. I have a Jeep Liberty jogging stroller and this fits perfect and snug.

Out of all the baby products I have purchased, this is the best purchase I have made....hands down.
S.Eden from Pacifica, CA. Nov 10, 2018

Comments about Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Cover- Tandem Black
By Lene
from chicago illinois on 10/28/2017

I love this product. It fits my single stroller like a glove. The cover is heavy and my grandbaby can see through the plastic window with no problem. He loves it when he hears my voice on the small speaker inside the cover. chicago gets cold so this cover keeps him warm until I get to my distination. Love it!!!
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Easily Stowed, Easy to Set Up, Easy To Steer, Good and heavy, Sturdy
Best Uses: Infants, shopping trips, Short Trips, Toddlers
Describe Yourself: Grandparent
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend



Not sure if you remember me, but I tested and bought your double stroller cover for my bike trailer/stroller I think last September or October. I just wanted to let you know how much use I have gotten out of it!!! We had no trouble getting around town this winter... even in lots of snow. It was really wonderful to NOT be stuck in my house, to have the freedom to get out and not have to bundle my son up so thick that he couldn't move. I know he really loves it. Thank you so much for this product. It is FANTASTIC and I did give your website url to at least a dozen people on our adventures out over the winter as well as telling them they are available online through target and walmart.

I hope all is well.

Patricia W.


"I'm very happy with this stroller coat. It was pretty easy to put on my chicco trevi stroller; I can even put the stroller's sunshield up and the cover still fits around it. We don't have to bundle the baby up before we put him in the stroller now; we just keep a blanket handy but haven't needed it. I've only used the stroller cover a few times so far; we've used it in cold northeast weather, but no snow or rain yet. I love the reflective piping for the safety. It looks and feels well made and durable, but I haven't used it enough to be certain, but I expect this to last and perform."

Mom - NYS


I Just received  the package and wanted to thank you once again.  I also wanted to tell you how Warm as a lamb has change our lives.  I am now able to take my little one out in the cold and not worry.  Before your product we were home bound for days till the weather got a bit warmer. Now we have the option to go where ever we want and not worry about the cold.  It fills me with joy to know that my son and I can do more then just sit home till spring is here.

I look at other moms with their child in a stroller with that same plastic cover that I used.  It is meant for rain, however mothers tend to use it to protect their child from the wind  and pray that they can keep them warm with it. Thanks to you I don't have those worries any more.   Since the purchase of your product  I have been walking up to strangers and telling them about "Warm as a Lamb".  I Feel Great sharing this bit of knowledge with others. Letting them know that their is a great product out there that is affordable and that will protect their child from the cold.  I can only hope that they react as I did when I found out about " Warm As A Lamb".  I could not wait to purchase it.

Once Again Thank You For Creating Such A Great Product For Our Children.


Maria H.


Hi Christina:

I have spoken with you a few times in the past month when I have called you with questions about my WAL. I love your product! I live on the UES and am on maternity leave and always trooping around with my WAL cover. I constantly have moms stopping me and asking me about the product and I always highly recommend it and tell them it is available at Buy Buy Baby. I know that two women from my new mom group have purchased them. My husband always jokes that I should come work for you.

Rachel B.



I love this product. I bought it at the Buy Buy Baby store in  Manhattan. I returned the 212 enfant and bought this instead. At the store we tried it over a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller, and it seemed good enough to buy.  Living in Manhattan and getting around by walking, this is the best product.



12/18/18 Keeps kids warm and dry in the harshest conditions

I have used this stroller cover on two different brands of tandem strollers, the Cosco Tandem and Graco Quattro Tour Duo, and it fits both very well.

The stroller is able to fold down with the cover on it but it is very bulky. It keeps my kids dry and very warm. I have no complaints regarding protecting the kids from the weather. On days that are not too cold I take of the front plastic cover for my 2-year old while my infant stays warm and snuggly in her car seat in the back.

The cover is versatile and is water proof. If it is not a perfect fit for your stroller you can use the pull strings along the bottom of the cover to make it hug the stroller closely which helps keep the wind and rain out.

The only problem is the zipper handle cotinues to fall off of the back plastic cover. It is a matter of snapping it back on and clapping it closed with pliers.

Overall, it's a great product and I couldn't imagine not having it.

V.R. Neu


Thank you so much for creating the Warm As A Lamb.  It made my winter walks with my one and only grand daughter a pleasure. It was such a relief to not have to wrestle with her blankets constantly when they came undone and to know that she truly was comfortable.

Marlene G.





Fantastic product. We went to New York City in January and wouldn't have been able to bring the baby outside without it (high temp didn't get above 25 the whole time we were there). Lots of people made comments about how warm she looked. Would definitely recommend!

J. Drennen from Denvor, CO


"Warm as a Lamb is an amazing product. It keeps our baby warm in the coldest of New York weather. While I'm all bundled up in a coat, scarf, gloves and hat, he is sitting in his stroller with the Warm as a Lamb cover warm and happy as can be. It is very easy to take the Warm as a Lamb cover on and off the stroller and extremely easy to take my baby in and out of the stroller with the cover still attached (much, much easier than with the Bugaboo rain cover). Warm as a Lamb serves both as an warm insulating cover as well as a rain cover. I have been stopped on the street by several stylish New York moms asking me where I got my stroller cover. I would highly recommend it to friends.

From Danielle - mother of Benjamin - 3 months


I have 4 boys, ages 7,5,3, and 8 months. We live in Michigan and our school district does not have buses. My husband takes all 4 boys to school in the morning, back at noon to pick up the kindergartner and back at 3 for the 2nd grader. My 3 year old and 8 month old were miserable until we got this cover! It is amazing. They now sleep while waiting for their brothers in freezing cold ( 7 degrees today), wind, rain or snow! Thank you so much for making this! It fit perfectly immediately over our Eddie Bauer Tandem Stroller. The stroller folds up with the cover on. We have not removed it since we got it! It unzips over either seat so the loading and unloading is done quickly.  You are wonderful and thank you so much for this product.!

 Katie S. - Michigan


"Warm as a Lamb Covers are without a doubt the gold standard of stroller covers! The recordable voice module is pretty cool and I don't think you could beat this system for warmth as well as protection from the elements AND strangers that you would rather not touch your baby. I like the pale pink and blue colors. I think the black might get too warm, but I can't say as I haven't used the black. Not exactly inexpensive, but a really nice product."

Ally K


Hi There Terry,
My daughter Grace and I just wanted to say thank-you. Today for the fist time all week we could go for a walk and not worry about the wind and the cold. It was -15 here today so that would be 5 for you guys and Gracie stayed warm and cozy,she even fell asleep! You and your wife sure have a great product. Also thanks for the speedy shipping to Canada!!!!
All the best
The Kennedy Family

"I met you almost a year and a half ago. You were about to meet with Babies R Us. I love the product of course. It is as easy as you said it is. I have told everyone about it in my area. Kew Gardens Hills. We all have tons of kids here. Everyone thinks it is awsome. My husband would take my baby out with no winter coat we never bought her one because she was always Warm as a Lamb in the stroller. I just wanted to say I am so happy that you guys made it. I see you are selling all over now. Now I have the single and I need a double. I wish you continued success in the future."

Kara T in Queens

08/01/17  Editorial written by Rebecca Klein of Modern Babies and Children in Maryland.


"I Just got my Warm As A Lamb stroller coat cover. It's awesome! I love it and can't wait to take my twin boys out for a stroll tomorrow.

If you have not seen these--you should check out their web site. They are available for single and double strollers (side by side and tandem).

They have so many benefits...they fit ALL strollers! I have a Mountain Buggy Urban Double and a Peg Perego Twin Aria and it fits both. It's a great cover...and it's proven to keep the kids 20 degrees warmer inside.

It has so many features...I'm not going to list them all here as they are on their web site...but it's MUCH better than the MB Storm cover I bought (which I'm going to return because it started to tear the first time I used it). "

Mom to Alex (9 yrs)
Aaron & Aidan (6 months)

"Hi!  I had a purchased a stroller cover for my sit and stand at the Richmond Baby Expo.  I was on vacation there from NYC.  I love the stroller cover and it has come in quite handy with the cool and wet weather we have been having.  So many people stop me on the street and comment on it.  They all think it is a great idea.  I have even had a few Moms tell me they wished they had that when their kids were little.  I tell them that we think it is great too!  Everyone at school think my kid's ride is the coolest :-).  Thanks you for all your patience and help trying to figure out what would fit my big stroller.  It was well worth the investment. "  Victoria from Staten Island, New York


Dear Christina and Terry,
I have been using the Warm As A Lamb Winter Stroller Cover on both my Gracco Snap and Go and on my BOB Jogger. 
First I just had the baby blue cover which I bought at the Baltimore Toddler and Baby Festival.   I had to use it that day to walk the length of the Inner Harbor.  Initially, my baby was in a  front carrier but he got too cold; the temperature had dropped to the low 40s by the water. I switched him to the stroller which you had graciously installed with the Winter Stroller Cover.  I didn't even have the Cover fully zipped yet and he stopped crying - the wind protection alone gave him relief.  Once he was zipped in he was smiling and cooing at me  as the Winter Cover worked almost miraculously well.
Since the cover did not have to be removed when I folded the snap and go stroller down, I decided to get a second cover, in black, for our jogger.  I also gifted my sister with a tandem stroller cover and will get back to you after she has a chance to use it.  Both her order and mine arrived super fast and professionally packed.
I have not regretted buying a cover for each of my strollers because I shift between using them both so often that it is a pleasure to just fold each stroller in its own Winter Cover and not have to switch one cover between the two.  The Covers are simple enough to install so it would not be that big a deal to share one cover between the two strollers, but as a new mom, anything that saves me time and makes life a little easier is helpful.
I get stopped all the time by people asking about the Cover, they think it is a new kind of stroller! A woman from New York wanted to buy it off my stroller she loved it so much!
Driana from Baltimore, MD


"The Warm as a Lamb Stroller Coat is an ingenious invention that fulfills a real need for some people in some places.  If you’re an intrepid soul who tells Old Man Winter to “kiss my arse” as you take daily strolls between November and April or who flips Mother Nature the finger by jogging in sub-freezing temps AND feels the need to bring baby along, this is the product for you.  The weight to warmth ratio won’t hold you back and you’ll appreciate that it’s water-resistant and has reflective striping.  Fit and finish seem to be good and the quality of the stitching leads us to believe that this product has longevity."

Written and field tested by


Hi Christina,

I just wanted to take the time to tell both you and your husband that
your invention is great, and I look forward to seeing your products in
the stores. My girlfriend (she bought the pink one) is loving hers,
and we only left the expo an hour ago.   Written by Nadia in Baltimore, MD


Hi Terry,

I'm Wendy.  I met you and your wife at the Boston Baby Expo last weekend,
and you sold me your fabulous product.  I was the one with the "Joovy
Caboose" stroller, but I didn't have it with me to be sure the "Stroller
Coat" would fit. 

Well, I wanted to let you know, it's perfect!  Now you can advise customers
with complete confidence that your product does, in fact, work with all "Sit
and Stand" type strollers!

So, I wanted to thank you again, and wish you all the best with your
business.  I've never seen anything else like the "Stroller Coat", and I can
tell you've really produced a quality product.  It's clearly top of the line
- materials and construction.  In a strange way, I'm looking forward to
winter again just to try it out!

Thank you again,

Wendy from Boston, MA

Hello Christina and Terry,
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Toronto, Canada.  I wanted to connect with you to let you know how much I loved your product.  You will do well, no doubt.  Sally


"  I absolutely love  the Warm as a Lamb Stroller Coat.  I have been using it in all of the big storms we have been having lately and it has been perfect. Brody stays nice and cozy inside." 

 Thanks again!!!  Michelle from Aspen, Colorado

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