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Dear Parents,

I have spent years designing and perfecting the WARM AS A LAMB Winter Stroller Coat Cover. For me, the drive to produce the best fully protective thermal shield for children traveling via stroller during the cold winter months is based on LOVE & COMPASSION. The inspiration to create this cover came one winter day several years ago.

While walking in New York City one day during my lunch break on a frigid afternoon, I noticed a small child who was in a stroller. Looking at him, I could not help but wonder what he was thinking while strapped inside that stroller bundled with heavy and bulky outerwear. My first thought I had was the movie "Look Who's Talking" and I started imagining that this child was saying things ..."help me I'm cold, "help me I'm over bundled, sweaty and confined in this sack and I can't move!" and even "can you please ask my parents if they realize I can still feel the cold hitting me even with all this stuff on?"  I quickly returned to my office, put my creative hat on, and started to design a product that would fully protect, shield, give comfort and warmth without having to confine that child. I wanted to give him that protection and warmth without having to confine him in a heavy coat, blanket, bunting, sack or flimsy plastic rain cover that would only come apart when the wind hit it hard enough.

After several years of work to perfect my safety product for children, I am proud to say that with the strength and help of my husband who is also my business partner, I have been blessed to bring you the first thermally insulated stroller cover ever designed to fully protect and shield your child when traveling outside via stroller. All because I looked into the eyes and heart of an innocent child who I felt was telling me something really important on that very cold winter day.

                                                                                                   Stay Safe and Warm As A Lamb

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