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The Winter Stroller Coat from Warm as a Lamb keeps stroller-bound kiddies protected against the elements with an easy access front zipper window that lets parents take kids out and a plush interior lining with built-in shearling blanket that will keep them in. Adjustable pulls on each side ensure a secure fit for standard, lightweight, twin and tandem strollers ($99.99-$129.99). Holiday Gift Guide

Keep your child warm and fully protected all winter long! The cleverly designed Winter Stroller Coat™ Cover is the first thermally insulated stroller cover that completely shields babies and toddlers against the cold, snow, frigid winds, rain, and other winter elements. No need to over bundle your little one in a heavy coat, blanket, bunting, sack, or plastic rain cover again! The Winter Stroller Coat™ Cover has adjustable pulls designed to fit all stroller styles. The cover also features a unique recordable voice module for parents to teach, tell a story, play child’s favorite song, or lullaby as they stroll, plus so much more.

Keep your baby warm and snug all winter long! The cleverly designed Warm As a Lamb™ Winter Stroller Coat™ Cover is the only fully thermally insulated stroller cover that completely shields and protects babies and toddlers against the cold, snow, frigid winds, rain, and other winter elements. No need to over bundle your little one in a heavy coat, blanket, bunting, sack, or plastic rain cover again! The easy access front zipper window allows parents to place or remove the child quickly and easily. Warm As A Lamb has adjustable pulls designed to fit all stroller styles - both single and double stroller sizes available! Another plus, the cover has a unique recordable voice module for parents to tell a story, play child’s favorite song, or lullaby as they stroll! Retail Price: $99.00 for single; $129.00 for double
Getting Ready for Winter Weather

Today is the first day of fall, and the weather was perfect for a walk with Baby Mwah. I love taking him out for a stroll. It's a great way for me to stay in shape and for baby to get some fresh air.

Since I love walking so much, I'm not looking forward to winter weather. My friends with toddlers and babies complain about the inconvenience of bundling their tots in multiple layers in order to run errands only to watch them alternatively shiver during the walk and sweat in overheated stores or on the subway.

I recently received a review sample of the Warm as a Lamb Stroller Cover that will enable Baby Mwah to stroll in comfort this winter. This thermally-insulated stroller cover keeps babies and toddlers completely protected from cold winds, snow and winter weather. It was designed with adjustable pulls to fit all Single and Double standard size strollers, lightweight strollers and jogging strollers. I had no problem fitting it on my strollers.

I've fumbled with cheap stroller rain covers this summer that made it difficult for me to pick up baby or close the stroller without taking off the entire cover. Those cheap rain covers were more of a hassle than a help, so I was excited to find that you can open and close your stroller without removing the Warm as A Lamb Cover. The zippered front window makes it easy to load and unload baby without removing the cover. And since you can open the front window and control the air flow, your child won't feel uncomfortably hot when you go into a store even though the soft built-in-blanket interior lining will keep your child "warm as a lamb" outdoors.

The Warm as a Lamb Stroller Cover is an essential for any city-dweller or any mom who does a lot of walking with baby.

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Available for $99.99 at or for $90.60 (with free shipping) at Amazon.

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Modern Babies and Children in Maryland

An idea of how to keep little ones toasty in their strollers sat as a sketch in a safe for years until a woman’s date, now husband, popped just the right question – one that had nothing to do with marriage.

by Rebecca Klein

Christina Kosteas’ brainstorm for a thermally insulated, stroller coat shifted from the back burner to the fast lane the night the man she later married turned to her and said, “Tell me something no one knows about you.” While she didn’t have a skeleton in the closet to share, she did have something in a safe – a sketch of what would evolve into Warm as a Lamb, a stroller cover designed to add 20 degrees of warmth to pint-sized passengers.

“If it weren't because my future husband, Terry, believed in my dream, I would have never made it this far,” shares Kosteas. To bring the product to life, she left her information technology management position at a New York City law firm; he gave up his senior vice-president post at a bank. The husband-wife team has sold nearly 2000 covers since the product debuted in 2006. Warm as a Lamb will soon be tested at the flagship Babies “R” Us and buybuy BABY stores in Manhattan.

Warm as a Lamb’s outer fabric is breathable, water-repellant, non-toxic, non-flammable, and glows in the dark. There are side ventilation panels, a detachable built-in blanket that doubles as a diaper changing pad, and a front window that can be unzipped to access the child and adjust the temperature. The stroller can open or close with the cover intact. There’s also in-transit entertainment. With the push of a button, junior can hear the alphabet. “The re-recordable voice module allows parents to teach their child something new everyday,” adds Kosteas.

She became inspired to create the cover after seeing moms struggle to keep their children warm on cold winter days. Kosteas reports seeing little ones who were over-bundled and others covered with plastic rain covers.

My family tried out the cover on a chilly spring day. It slipped right over our stroller. The moment our toddler saw it, he wanted to reclaim his baby sister’s stroller. He spent nearly a half hour hanging out in what he called his cave. Funny thing - Kosteas encourages families to turn the cover into a play tent after outgrowing the stroller. Back to the intended use, we received more reaction from outside than inside the stroller. Just like having a new baby, people couldn’t help themselves from touching the cover. Instead of asking about our infant daughter inside, several people called out, “What kind of stroller is that?”

Warm as a Lamb comes in three sizes: single, twin, and tandem. While at a fundraising gift show for paraplegic children, Kosteas recalls a mother’s amazement that the cover fit her son’s wheelchair. “She says to me, ‘for the last two years, I have not been able to do anything in the winter months because my son is sensitive to light, and he refused to wear a coat.’” Kosteas asked her to accept Warm as a Lamb as a gift. “She gave me a hug and said, ‘You’ve given me my life back.’”

The award winning product, which received an iParenting Media Award, is expecting a warm weather sibling soon. The “Kool as a Kukumber” cover is in the works. That’s all Kosteas will say for now. Stay tuned.

Warm as a Lamb generally retails for $99.99 for a single stroller cover and $119.99 for the twin and tandem models. It comes in baby blue, pastel pink, and black; more options are on the way. Warm as a Lamb fits standard, lightweight, and jogging strollers, including ones with infant carriers. For more information, visit

With the winter season quickly approaching the Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Coat Cover is perfect to keep your baby safe and cozy on those cold winter walks. This fabulous cover is made with a plush shearling fabric on the inside and the exterior is made with a water repellent, breathable fabric with reflective strips which glow in the dark during the evening. There is also side ventilation windows and a zippered front window for easy access to the child. Another cool feature is the Recordable Voice Module which allows you to record a voice clip for your child to listen to while in their Winter Stroller Cover. Available in Black, Pink and Blue and for single and double style strollers.

Summer may have just gotten underway, but if you know someone who's expecting a fall or winter baby, get them a gift they will appreciate when the weather turns cool.

Warm As A Lamb is a unique, convenient and ingenious cover for a baby's stroller. This insulated winter coat cover will keep baby warm and dry from wind, rain and snow. It fits snugly over any standard stroller, trapping body heat inside and keeping cold air out. A large front flap makes lifting out your baby easy without having to remove the cover.

The inner lining features a plush shearling built-in blanket, so there's never a need to bundle baby in excess blankets and bulky coats, leading to sweaty discomfort.

Warm As A Lamb stroller coat cover is easy to fix to any stroller and comes in various sizes to fit extra-light strollers, jogging strollers, and twin and tandem strollers. This winter keep your child comfy warm and away from germs with Warm As A Lamb.

Get Warm As A Lamb stroller covers for as little as $99.99 at Sears, Target and baby specialty stores.

York Region Parent

We like the Warm As A Lamb, Winter Stoller Covers , which are the first and only fully thermally insulated cover to keeps babies and toddlers completely shielded and protected against the cold frigid winds, snow, rain and other winter elements without ever having to lift the cover or letting out the child’s body heat inside stroller when traveling outside.

Designed with adjustable pulls on each side for a desired fit to all standard size strollers, lightweight strollers and jogging strollers. It comes in a variety of sizes including double strollers.

Think: Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean you can’t get out for a walk. Nothing beats a walk as the snow is falling, it’s so peaceful!

Price: About $100, with shipping reasonably priced for Canadian Deliveries!

More: How cool is this…!!? A recordable voice module that can be heard from the inside of stroller so parents can teach, sing or tell a story as they stroll. Also has a prerecorded section that recites the alphabet for your child’s entertainment and learning skills! Fun!!

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